About us

‘Connect with your own self and nature at the
Krishna farm retreat!’

We were born in a small village in India, surrounded by nature, animals, kindness, compassion, and simplicity of life! Life journey took us to living in metro cities with a fast-moving life and little time for our own self! It took us more than 15 years to make this courageous move to making our dream a living reality, the Krishna farm retreat!

Amid covid chaos in the world, two years ago, we moved in the heart of nature, the Krishna farm retreat which we now call our home. We have found what our souls had always longed for, and the memories of childhood days returned to us at the farm.

The federation house where we live on the farm is believed to be about 70 to 80 years old. At the first walk in this property, we waddled through the grass that was about hips high and there was no entry gate! The cottages existed however as they had not been occupied for several years. We have put our heart and soul in restoring the cottages with interior decors that have a meaning and are fair trade. Every piece of art in your cottage has a story of its own. It will be our pleasure to share it all with you when you are with us.

We believe that life is all about memorable experiences and connecting with self and nature. At Krishna farm retreat, our mission is to give you much more than just a holiday rental! Please come on a journey with us to discover it all!

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Plan your next escape to Krishna Farm, a stay more than a AirBnB, it's an experience, an eye opener to world of hobby farm, horse riding, wellness activities, tantalising vegan food and immersing yourself in the nature.